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Your donations helps the Sea Tow Foundation reduce fatalities, injuries, and property damage related to recreational boating in the following ways:

Funds 1 life jacket for a loaner station. The Sea Tow Foundation has provided over 55,000 life jackets for boaters to borrow and return in our life jacket loaner program since 2008.

Funds 1 sober skipper kit with 100 wristbands in the Sea Tow Foundation’s nationwide effort to reduce the growing number Boating Under the Influence (BUI) injuries and fatalities on our waters.

Funds boating safety activity books for 100 kids. Sea Tow Foundation volunteers use printed materials like these activity books to educate children and their parents on boating safety throughout the U.S.

Funds 1 Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) rental for a person in need when boating on unfamiliar waters or heading off shore to assist in a quick rescue should the need arise.

Funds 1 indoor/outdoor banner sign to promote boating safety at an event. The Sea Tow Foundation boating safety messaging is utilized at hundreds of events throughout the year and banner signs are visible reminders of the boating safety message for all of the attendees at the events.

Funds 100 t-shirts for volunteers at a Boat Show where life jackets are made available to families walking the docks. A t-shirt easily identifies Sea Tow Foundation volunteers and helps provide even more boating safety messaging to the attendees.

Funds the building of 1 life jacket loaner station. The Sea Tow Foundation has over 575 life jacket loaner stations located around the U.S. where families can borrow and return life jackets for a safe day on the water at no charge.

Funds 1 life jacket loaner stand fully stocked with 60 life jackets. These life jackets come in infant, child, youth and adult sizes so that an entire family can borrow and return the life jackets before their boating trip.

Sea Tow Foundation does not receive dedicated funding from any one source and your financial support really does keep us going! Please take a minute to donate today. Thank you.


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